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UTS TM turns data centers safer in an unprecedented way

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The data centre challenge

Data centres are at risk when a power outage or malfunction causes ventilating and air conditioning (VAC) failure. It is then necessary to use a thermal back-up unit during the transition phase between the electrical grid failure and the restart-up of the coolers, until exploitation conditions have returned to normal (5 to 20 minutes, based on the configuration of the process and weather conditions).

The solution: our ground breaking technology

The uninterruptible thermal supply technology (UTS TM) is an effective solution to these problems by providing data centres the necessary cooling load until normal functioning has been restored.

uts-ground-breaking-technologyUTS TM is one of two thermal components of the HPC3 TM project. The development of this technology has been completed and is now ready for delivery, be it separately or as integral part of the HPC3 TM project.

It is important to note that the thermal storage unit is useless without a suitable control strategy in place. In fact, thermal storage control is as important, if not more important, than the storage unit itself. This is where Systemex Energies’s road map coupled with its instrumentation and control achievements come into play.


Additional solution we offer

HPC3 TM turns processors more effective in an unprecedented way

Our technology maximizes the capacity of high-performance processors using an innovative direct immersion cooling technology, and by regulating clock gating and the processing of big data, all resulting in significantly lower energy costs.

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