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Systemex Energies promotes collaborative work with specialized research centres, electrical utility companies, electrical grid operators, aggregators, solution integrators and OEMs. Systemex also collaborates with companies specializing in the management and construction of data centres and commercial and industrial buildings.

Systemex Energies works with well-known energy research centres in Quebec, Ireland and the United States (Department of Energy US-DOE) in order to simulate widespread implementation programs (e.g.: > 100 MW) and to integrate specific control strategies for energy distribution grids.


  • Hydro-Québec (IREQ): research license involving more than 20 researchers from IREQ who all work on adapting the SOFTload TM technology to the Hydro-Québec electrical grid and to simulate its widespread implementation.
  • Battelle/PNNL (US Department of Energy): patent licensing which is aimed at the joint deployment of Pacific NorthWest National Laboratory (Battelle) intellectual property and the Systemex Energies technology in North American electrical grids.
  • UCD (University College Dublin): research license involving 3 researchers assigned to adapting the SOFTload TM technology to Irish electrical grids and to simulate its widespread implementation.
  • University of Sherbrooke: Systemex Energies is currently in discussion with the University of Sherbrooke to develop a collaborative research agreement through the IBM Chair.


Current strategic partners:

  • Schneider Electric: Systemex Energies has been testing its technology with Schneider’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment with great success.
  • IBM: Systemex has been collaborating with IBM since 2010 on various development initiatives.
  • 3M: the relationship is one of information sharing from both R&D teams.


Systemex Group and DCM Group member companies
Systemex Energies, through the Systemex and DCM Groups, is part of a group of companies with more than 65 years of experience, nationally and internationally.

The Systemex Group includes three member companies: Systemex Industrial Consulting, Systemex Energies and Systemex Automation. The Systemex Group delivers high-end integrated engineering, consulting, commissioning, asset and risk management, operational readiness, energy-related technology platforms, cyber-security, research and development, automated systems design, and business process optimization services.

DCM Group services include: construction management, construction, commissioning & maintenance for critical and industrial infrastructure, electrical installations, and instrumentation systems. DCM Group can deliver all services related to the construction of data centres.

In summary, Systemex Energies as well as Systemex & DCM Group member companies can help your company meet its needs in:

  • Construction
  • Integration
  • Technologies
  • Operational readiness and commissioning
  • Asset management, maintenance and reliability
  • Risk management

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