Systemex Energies

Smart Intellectual Property is a key driver for our business

Systemex Energies is focused on developing an intellectual property strategy and a complete IP portfolio.

The Systemex Energies grouping of companies has submitted more than 12 patent applications in Canada, the United States and Europe. Systemex Energies also has the rights to the SOFTload TM brand.

Systemex Energies’ intellectual property strategy is made up of patents and know-how in the following fields of interest:

  • Power control devices
  • Inertia management
  • Continuous regulation
  • Encoded messages
  • Demand Response in an infrastructure that has an interconnection (bus DC)
  • Inconsistent load modulation method
  • Load modulation

At the same time as it developed its own strategy for awarding licenses, Systemex Energies was granted two commercial licenses by PNNL/Battelle (of the U.S. Department of Energy), one for Demand Response and the other for the electric vehicle charging technology.

The valuation of the IP portfolio can be based on segmented licensing by project, territory or application.

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