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SOFTloadTM turns loads smart in an unprecedented way

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The challenge

Utilities, grid and independent system operators, aggregators, and OEMs must respond to the challenges posed by new renewable energy sources (solar and wind) and new technologies (e.g., electric vehicles). These innovations are essentially good but, due to their rapid development, lower the inertia of electrical grids, which in turn decreases their stability during events. The increase in new energy sources and technologies will only exacerbate the situation unless solutions are put in place.

The solution

Our technology continuously adapts, at the source (without telecommunication), in the fastest way (in less than 250 milliseconds), and at the lowest cost, the energy consumption of a load in order to help stabilize the frequency of the electrical network.

  • Continuous modulation

  • At the source

  • Without telecommunication

  • Ultra-fast

  • Lowest cost

The aggregation of a set of smart loads installed in various residential, commercial and industrial loads creates a virtual power plant (VPP) that provides reliability services to grids with smart decentralized loads.

These virtual power plants provide utilities with ways to reinforce grid reliability faster, cheaper and more efficiently than the operating reserves provided by conventional power plants. Our technology is the missing link for market aggregators, utilities, as well as grid operators for mass market load aggregation. This grid configuration offers many advantages to energy suppliers; production carried out closer to consumers reduces transportation and distribution costs as well as energy losses.

The SOFTload TM solution has successfully completed laboratory testing in addition to a variety of rigorous field tests, totalling more than 100,000 hours of faultless operation. Key European and North American industry players, such as Hydro-Québec, have completed a thorough validation of the technology.

How does SOFTload TM work?

Basic principle:

SOFTload TM is designed to provide synchronous reserves, inertia or autonomous regulation. It also allows for the management of peak shifting.

How it works:

SOFTload TM reads the local grid frequency, detects abnormal conditions and modulates the power (Watts) in a progressive way in order to restore the grid frequency to its normal value. The modulation follows a specific algorithm specifically programmed for the network.

30 minutes
Frequency Load Modulation

Distinctive features

  • Very fast action (in less than 250 msecs) that does not rely on a communication network.
  • Continuous real time (dynamic) modulation.
  • Fully configurable according to each specific grid characteristic.*
  • Operation similar to the “droop” of speed governors. **

*Every electrical grid must operate at a constant and fixed frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.

** “Droop” is an embedded function in every power station that aims to control the frequency of power grids.

Who can benefit from SOFTload TM?

Utilities, independent and grid system operators, aggregators

SOFTload TM adapts to multiple grid types

The development of renewable energy (solar and wind) in the overall supply of power will largely decentralize the production and distribution of electricity around the world. The greater the proportion of renewable energy in a grid, the faster the speed and the magnitude of variations of the frequency will occur – and the more the SOFTload TM solution can help re-establish the stability and reliability of the grid.

Original equipment manufacturers

SOFTload TM adapts to multiple equipment types

Residential sector

SOFTload TM may be installed on any electronic device whose power supply may vary over time. Water heaters, baseboard heaters and air conditioning units may be prime examples yet the charging stations of electric vehicles are another more obvious application given their energy intensity.

Electrical Network Frequency
Load Sensing Control
Load Modulation
100% 90%

Commercial / Industrial sector (including data centers)

SOFTload TM adapts to all commercial and industrial loads: pumps, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial processes, IT data centres, etc.

Electrical Network Frequency
Load Sensing Control
Load Modulation
95% 85%

Electric vehicles / Battery manufacturers

SOFTload TM adapts to all electric vehicles and high power batteries.

Electrical Network Frequency
Load Modulation

Additional solution we offer

SSV TM (Smart Soft Vehicle) turns loads smart in an unprecedented way

SSV TM is one of many SOFTload TM application in the field of distributed generation.

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